Yard  Time Requirements

All Bred Cows & Heifers need to be here ahead of time to pe processed and sorted correctly. Yard Times are as follows.

Bred Heifers & Cows can be brought in :
6am-7 p.m Thursday Before
6am-2 p.m Friday Before

Special Bred Cow & Heifer Sales

Saturday January 20th, 2024
Saturday February 3rd, 2024

January 20th, 2024

Early Consignments:
Bred Heifers:

Randy Carper
450 Bred Heifers

Dale Zweep
60 Bred Heifers

February 3rd, 2024

Matt Connor 170 Bred Heifers

Cody & Jeff Brown 170 Bred Heifers for more information contact
Cody Brown-605-759-8257
Jef Brown- 605-270-1347
All Heifers bred Jorgensen Blk Angus
Pre breeding shots & poured
1st Scourguard pelvic checked
weigh 12-1300#

Due 3/15 - 3/31
50 Blks
5 Bwf
25 Red
2 Rwf

Due 4/1 - 4/15
44 Blks
8 Bwf
20 Red

Due 4/20 - 5/10
8 Blks
4 Red

Casey Renaas 42 Bred heifers 605-270-3234 for more information
Offering 42 F1/Blk heifers bred to calving ease Bruns Angus Bulls
12- calving Feb 23-March 10th- Blue Tags
19- calving March 11- March 28th- Orange Tags
7- calving March 29th- April 11th- Yellow Tags
4- calving April 12th- May 1st- Red Tags
Flyer available on sale date

More information to come
Consignments are tentative to change