SDSU Dairy will be having a complete dispersal of there milking cows thursday May, 16th, 2024. Should be around 90 Holstein cows and a few swiss cows of oustanding quality.
We have buyers looking to contract cows for late 2024 delivery. If you are thinking about retiring in this time frame let us know.

ooking to retire? We do sell complete herds privately. Give us a call if you're looking to sell your herd. We have a few dairies currently looking for cows so if your looking to move any please give us a call.

Looking to buy dairy heifers privately? We do offer private treaty open and springing dairy heifers daily. Buy with confidence!

You can view or bid online at
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Bred Dairy Results March 21st, 2024

335 head sold

Springer market very strong. Buyer interest from many different tates. If you have some to sell make sure to consign them.

Top Springing Heifer ..........    $3000.00
Top 10 springers .........$2850.00   $3000.00
Top 25 springers ......   $2650.00 - $3000.00
Top 50 springers........  $2500.00 - $3000.00
Top 100 springers......  $2250.00 - $3000.00
Top 150 springres......  $2100.00 - $3000.00

$ Top 3450.00

Jersey & X bred springers

 Jerseys $1500 - $2300

Breeding Bulls

Open Heifers
9 head.... 732#............ $197.00
5 head...  895#.............$170.00
8 head... 1114#............$153.00
16 head..1343#............$152.00


Next regular Dairy Sale April 18th, 2024

Our dairy sale is on the third Thursday of each month. Bred heifers sell at 9:00 AM followed by Milk Cows & Open Heifers.

Remember to Consign Early!

Early Consignments April 18th, 2024

22 Holstein Springers
16 Holstein Springers
15 Holstein Springers  & shortbreds Hr ai sired semex breeding out of discontinuing herd
15 Holstein springers ai sired & bred blk Hr
13 Holstein Springers ai sired & bred HR right off dairy
13 Holstein Springers ai sired homeraised bred blk
7 Holstein Springers ai sired HR right off dairy quit milking
7 Hojo & 1 Jersey springers
5-6 Holstein Springers ai sired & bred
2 Holstein Springers ai sired & bred

50 Holstein Opens 5-11 months old sire & dam information available extensive vaccination program right off dairy
20 Holstein Heifers opens & springers off dispersal below ai sired
15 Holstein Opens 800# all shots
15 Holstein Opens ai sired Hr right off SDSU dairy

Complete Dispersal
58 Hostein & few jersey cows
Parlor & Bedding pack 3.4 protein 4.4 BF 200 Scc
ai sired for 20 years averaging 75# mIlk
Several cows milking over 100#

12 Holstein Milk cows varios stages of lactations
Parlor & Freestall