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Looking to retire? We do sell complete herds privately. Give us a call if you're looking to sell your herd. We have a few dairies currently looking for cows so if your looking to move any please give us a call.

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Bred Dairy Results  May 18th, 2023

109 head sold
strong market
high demand for good quality springers

Top Springing Heifer ..........    $2250.00
Top 10 springers .........$1900.00   $2250.00
Top 25 springers ......   $1825.00 - $2250.00
Top 50 springers........  $1700.00 - $2250.00

Lesser quality springers bring substantially less

No test on cows

Lesser quality cattle sell for less

Jersey & X bred springers


Breeding Bulls
No Test

Open Heifers
25 head........633#.........$158.00
6 head..........533#.........$132.50

Next regular Dairy Sale  June 15th, 2023

Our dairy sale is on the third Thursday of each month. Bred heifers sell at 9:00 AM followed by Milk Cows & Open Heifers.

Remember to Consign Early!

Early Consignments June 15th, 2023

Complete Open Heifer Dispersal
200 + head of opens from 300#- Ai'd but not confirmed
Ai sired & bred for over 30 years
genomically tested and mated for proper breeding for last few years. Bottom end genomics always culled.

20 Holstein Springers Homeraised right out of nice herd owner quitting milking

35 Holstein Milk cows
Milked in stanchions & let outside every day
Bred to nice holstein bulls
65# milk
Owner has been milking 70 cows and is culling the bottom half so these will be the top half of the cows